Clinical and Financial Impact of Inpatient Diabetes Care and Glycemic Management in the ICU and Non-ICU, Including Results of the GLUCO-CABG Trial

Podcast With Dr. Guillermo Umpierrez

Professor of Medicine and Director of Clinical Research, Diabetes and Metabolism Center, Emory University
Director of Diabetes and Endocrinology, Grady Hospital

Topic Time Stamp
Introducing Dr. Guiellermo Umpierrez
Diabetes Research at Emory University
Hypoglycemia in the ICU
Clinical Inertia Surrounding Glycemic Control
Current Glycemic Guidelines and Targets
Reducing Complications for Cardiovascular Surgery Patients
Reducing ICU Stay for Cardiovascular Surgery Patients
Reducing Cost of Care for Cardiovascular Surgery Patients
Patients With Diabetes vs Patients Without Diabetes
Computer-Guided Algorithms for Glycemic Management
Past and Current Research Surrounding Intensive Glycemic Control
Setting Institutional Safety Targets
Glycemic Management Committees and Diabetes Management Teams
Glycemic Protocols
Individualization of Care for Patients With Diabetes
Advice for Listeners
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