Dramatic Improvements in Clinical and Financial Outcomes

Glucommander Impact - Less Hypoglycemia
Glucommander Impact - Less Hyperglycemia
Glucommander Impact - Fewe 30-day Hospital readmissions
Glucommander Impact - Lower A1C points within 3 months
Glucommander Impact - Reduction in POC Testing and costs

Featured Case Study
Sentara Healthcare / VIRGINIA

“Our goal was to have no sugars over 200 mg/dL within the first several post-operative days and in fact, since we've been using Glytec, we have not had any glucoses outside of that range – which we're very excited about.”

- Paul Chidester, MD

Reduced Hyperglycemia

<180 mg/dl

National Average

United States Hyperglycemia National Average

Sentara w/Glytec

US patients Hyperglycemia Average after initiating their treatment with the assistance of Glucommander

What Our Customers Are Saying...

Audrey Dougles Cooke
Audrey Dougles Cooke
Vice President, Patient Care Services
Sentara Norfolk General Hospital
"The data and evidence shows that when you utilize Glucommander to manage your patients you get better quality outcomes, the patients recover faster, they heal faster, and overall they do extremely well. "
Guillhermo Umpierrez, MD, FACP, FACE
Guillhermo Umpierrez, MD, FACP, FACE
Professor of Medicine
Emory University School of Medicine
"We virtually eliminated hypoglycemia throughout the cardiac surgery patient population."
Margaret Bachand, RN, CDE
Margaret Bachand, RN, CDE
Team Coordinator, Diabetes Center
Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital
"It's a no-brainer."
Paul Chidester, MD
Paul Chidester, MD
Vice President, Medical Affairs
Sentara Norfolk Virginia Hospital
If you aren't using Glytec™, you aren't using the standard of care.
Tamara Parsons, RM
Tamara Parsons, RM
Vice President of Patient Quality and Safety
Mountain States Health Alliance
Obviously the results have been exceptionally good thus far and the speed with which we saw improved outcomes was very impressive.
Linda Halpin, MSN, RN
Linda Halpin, MSN, RN
Clinical Practice Specialist
Adult Cardiac Surgery - Inova Heart and
Glucommander™ enables us to treat every patient's individual glycemic need and models their trends to deliver on a very patient-specific recommendation. We are partnering to serve every patient, every time.

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