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Clinical Services

NP/Diabetes Practice Consultant

Remote/Based on West Coast (Work from Home)

Are you ready to take the next step in your career as a nurse practitioner, and make a real difference for patients and providers? Do you consider yourself a great change agent, able to rally and influence clinicians and administrators alike? This may be the role for you!

Serving as a Glytec Diabetes Practice Consultant offers the rare opportunity to work with a wide variety of healthcare organizations, helping them tackle important and challenging issues surrounding the implementation of best practices for glycemic management and diabetes care.

  • Do you crave more flexibility and autonomy?
  • Would you enjoy the ability to work from a home base and travel to different clinical sites across the US?
  • Do you have a passion for quality care and patient safety initiatives?
  • Have you helped successfully introduce new software or other technologies?

As a Glytec Diabetes Practice Consultant, you will be a subject matter expert in insulin therapy management across the continuum of care, focusing on the deployment and optimization of our eGlycemic Management System, a decision support software solution for intravenous, subcutaneous and transition dosing. You will be instrumental in guiding our clients (hospitals and health systems) through a journey of clinical practice change.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Lead client-specific assessments to establish baselines of current policies, procedures, protocols and order sets related to glycemic management and diabetes care; also, evaluations of stakeholder comprehension, levels of receptivity and potential obstacles. Prepare and deliver written reports of findings, including recommendations and frameworks for clinical practice change.
  • Serve as onsite consultant during software go-lives, addressing questions and concerns among clinicians and leadership, and helping ensure smooth and successful transitions from current practice to best practice using Glytec’s eGlycemic Management System.
  • Design and maintain educational programs for wide variety of client constituents.
  • Collaborate with members of Glytec’s Clinical Services and Account Management teams to analyze trends in eGlycemic Management System adoption, utilization, performance and outcomes, including metrics tied to hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia, blood glucose targets, order initiation, and surveillance. Formulate and lead corrective action plans as needed, and facilitate programs to improve results.
  • Provide user training on eGlycemic Management System analytics and reporting module, GlucoMetrics.
  • Serve as active member/participant of client-based interdisciplinary glycemic management committees.
  • Help clients design and promote open and team-oriented cultures.
  • Serve as key subject matter expert to inform software go-live and optimization strategies.
  • Collaborate with Glytec’s Quality Initiatives team on data-driven research studies, publications and presentations.
  • Participate in User Advisory Council meetings and Scientific Advisory Board meetings. Apply feedback and insights gained to product innovation, organizational development, process improvement and client success management.
  • Serve as member of Glytec’s Clinical Review Committee supporting ongoing review and prioritization of new and enhanced software features.
  • Participate in on-call rotation for 24/7 client clinical support.



  • Master’s degree from accredited NP program.
  • Licensed NP.
  • 7 years’ experience in delivery or supervision of patient care.
  • 3 years’ experience managing and leading complex clinical practices using collaborative approach.
  • Specific and detailed knowledge of pathophysiology and pharmacologic treatment of diabetes.
  • Exceptional relationship-building skills, with proven ability to cultivate trust and respect at all levels within hospital/health system hierarchy, among clinicians and executives alike.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office suite.


  • BC-ADM and/or CDE certifications.
  • Doctoral preparation.
  • Experience organizing, structuring and supporting advisory boards.
  • Experience implementing new software.
  • Proficiency in application of technology to improve glycemic management outcomes.

Working Conditions:

  • Work remotely from home (i.e., virtual office).
  • Must be willing and able to travel 75% (occasionally to include weekends).
  • Must live near major airport.
  • Flexible hours, not customary 9-to-5 schedule; peaks and valleys can translate to extended hours during evenings and weekends to meet client and company needs.
  • Must be able to manage responsibilities within distributed, matrix organization (many fellow employees also work remotely).

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