eGlycemic Management System®

Diabetes Care Across the Continuum

Glytec specializes in integrated inpatient and outpatient software for personalized diabetes care, with the mission of improving medication management and glycemic control across the continuum. eGMS®, Glytec’s cloud-based glycemic management decision support system, enables providers, payers and patients to significantly reduce the frequency, risks and costs of hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia.

The modular eGMS® centers on the Glucommander™ suite of FDA-cleared proprietary algorithms for IV, subcutaneous and pediatric insulin dosing. Management of patients requiring insulin therapy is furthered by seamless integration with EHR and connected device systems (SmartClick®), robust analytics (GlucoMetrics®) and surveillance (GlucoSurveillance®) capabilities. eGMS® interventional clinical decision support tools allow providers to standardize processes and personalize treatment across all areas of care, and are proven to result in significant improvements in clinical and financial outcomes over traditional methods.

Glytec is the Future of Care Delivery

Our software lives within your EMR or on its own, tracking and analyzing glycemic data, enabling early identification of patients, efficient and effective intervention, and ongoing optimization of care, whether patients are in your healthcare facility or at home.



Changing diabetes care in your hospital.


SmartClick® allows for one-click access to our core applications for individual patients directly from an EMR.



GlucoSurveillance® provides real-time insights on glycemic control within the system, allowing rapid identification of potential candidates for insulin therapy.


GlucommanderTM analyzes a patient's data and provides individualized IV and SubQ insulin dosing recommendations.


Use GlucoMetrics® analytics to see how glycemic control is performing in your hospital.

Inpatient to Outpatient Transition

Transition patients from hospital to home with the confidence they are leaving on an appropriate therapy.


Data Driven Care


Register patients in GlucommanderTM with a connected meter and start them on a personalized insulin therapy regimen.



Blood sugar values are saved to our secure, HIPAA-compliant Glycloud®. GlucommanderTM analyzes the data and provides accurate mealtime insulin dosages.


Check in with patients on a regular basis that's right for them. GlucommanderTM stores and processes glycemic data to offer on-demand and up-to-date dosage recommendations to keep your patients on track and healthy.

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