West Tennessee Healthcare Accelerates Optimum Inpatient Glucose Control with Glucommander Plus™

Dave Roberts, MD, Vice President and Chief Medical Officer at West Tennessee Healthcare recently conducted a webinar presenting a systems approach to inpatient glucose control using the Glucommander Plus(TM) software from Glytec. The Glucommander Plus(TM) software provides healthcare professionals with individualized insulin dosing requirements for hospitalized patients. The software includes many safety guardrails including predictive warning and alerts, a fully-integrated and real-time reporting engine, and precision bolus dosing of meal-time insulin.

Dr. Roberts presented before and after patient data outcomes from Jackson-Madison County General Hospital in Jackson, TN. The data showed significant improvements in consistently controlling blood glucose levels, with few excursions outside of the glucose target range, and minimal incidence of hypoglycemia.

The effects of poorly controlled blood glucose levels in surgical patients have long been known to cause serious complications such as an increased length of hospital stay, increased risk of surgical-site infections (SSI), and delayed healing.

Citing the lessons learned from using the Glucommander Plus(TM) software in his hospital, Dr. Roberts advised the webinar attendees "to start with what they already have (internal data), analyze their patient population, create a burning platform without compromise, identify clinical leaders and build a team."

To view the webinar, please visit the company's website at www.glytecsystems.com