Passion and Expertise

Our team is committed to quality of care.

Our Story

Founded in 2006, Glytec is a rapidly growing clinical information technology company dedicated to the mission of improving insulin management and glycemic control. With the considerable input of clients, thought leaders and the general healthcare community, Glytec’s solution has evolved dramatically over its history; from the very first of its kind, computerized IV insulin dosing decision support system to the very first and only comprehensive, integrated glycemic management and surveillance system.

Glytec is led by a team of accomplished executives with a wide range of expertise in the healthcare field, including: insulin management, diabetes, information technology, nursing, endocrinology, workflow automation, process redesign, Six Sigma, software, hardware, cloud based computing, and security.

Our Passion

Nearly one-third of patients admitted to acute care hospitals in the U.S. experience either hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia. Many of these patients have diabetes while others have fluctuating blood sugars due to trauma, drug reactions, stress and other factors. Without Glytec, nurses and doctors managing these patients manually calculate insulin doses using complex paper protocols.

This manual process can be further burdened with multiple and conflicting protocols. These workflow inefficiencies contribute to undue strain and stress on the hospital staff. They add to operating costs, compromise clinical outcomes and endanger patient safety. More advanced efforts involving electronic order sets and even homegrown insulin dosing calculators on the part of some hospitals most often create only marginal gains that are hard to sustain.

Glytec's system is prescriber-directed software for safe and effective glycemic management throughout the hospital. Whether on its own or integrated with your EMR, the software comprises of effortless, point of care technologies, offering industry leading functionality and unparalleled patient treatment options. Unlike other solutions, which are limited to treating only adult patients on IV insulin (some 15-20% of inpatients requiring insulin), Glytec's eGlycemic Management System provides a solution for all types of insulin therapy in your healthcare setting.

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