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Many healthcare systems have lacked dynamic connections between medical decisions and outcomes, resulting in many wide variations in practice patterns. However, today's healthcare systems are developing descriptive performance measures and guidelines for care. Glucommander™ dosing software offers clinicians a comprehensive view of a patient's data, providing clinical, realistic and relevant measures of quality. Glytec's analytics are aimed at tracking relationships between glycemic interventions, through enhanced algorithms integrated into healthcare systems.

Glucommander™ takes into account pertinent patient information such as demographics and previous results. Individual care guidelines result in improved patient outcomes and more efficient use of healthcare resources. The system also provides a reporting platform and system that measures compliance requirements for patients and providers.

The Glucommander™ Enterprise Edition SaaS Platform


  • IV and Subcutaneous Insulin Dose Calculations
  • D50 Hypoglycemic Treatment Calculations
  • IV Meal Bolus Dose Calculations
  • Patient Safety Alerts

Analytical Reporting Engine:

  • Average BG with standard deviation
  • Hypoglycemia reports and alerts
  • Hyperglycemia reports
  • Post-op day 1&2 reports
  • Protocol optimization