The eGlycemic Management System

The GlyCloud™ platform is backed by our commitment to the protection and security
of ePHI, providing a secure and HIPAA-compliant, multi-tenant cloud infrastructure.
The platform allows for the rapid delivery of our core applications, reduced up-front
capital expense, enhanced security and disaster recovery capability.

  • Multiple levels of protection to secure and encrypt ePHI
  • Secure and HIPAA-compliant cloud infrastructure
  • Rapid deployment of core applications
  • Reduced up-front capital expense
  • Enhanced security and disaster recovery
  • High availability and scalable
  • Staffed and monitored 24x7x365
  • Multiple levels of physical security, monitoring,
    and advanced intrusion detection

The SmartClick™ identity management platform provides users with one-click access
to our core applications, eliminating the need to remember additional usernames
and passwords. Patient context management allows users to bypass the login screen
and immediately see the appropriate patient chart.

GlucoMetrics consist of a powerful analytics engine and suite of reports used to measure
and monitor the success of inpatient glycemic control initiatives. The analytic engine
provides instant access to data aggregated from the hospital and/or hospital system
through reports that can be used to identify benchmark performance metrics, measure
the effectiveness of initiatives, and offer detailed reporting on relevant adverse events.

GlucoSurveillance provides real-time results to discover meaningful patterns in a patient's glucose history. Patients
experiencing dysglycemia, anywhere in the hospital, are identified
and flagged as potential candidates for insulin therapy. In one click, caregivers can begin
treatment of these patients in Glucommander IV™ or Glucommander SubQ™.