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Glytec is a rapidly growing clinical information technology company centered on an FDA cleared, predictive software algorithm and glycemic control platform, which brings blood glucose levels into safe target ranges faster and with less variance than paper protocols-- improving outcomes for patients and hospitals. Several regional health systems and independent hospitals are in the process of standardizing their approach to glycemic control with Glytec.

The problem

Today, nearly 40% of patients admitted to acute care hospitals in the U.S. experience either hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia, both serious medical conditions. Many of these patients have diabetes while others have fluctuating blood sugars due to trauma, drug reactions, stress and other factors. Absent a computerized algorithm, nurses and doctors managing these patients are required to manually calculate insulin doses using complex paper protocols.

This manual process can compromise clinical outcomes and even result in patient safety issues. Nursing leadership and clinicians often describe "protocol fatigue" and variable compliance as common issues. Many institutions employ multiple and conflicting protocols. Associated nursing and physician workflow inefficiencies can add to operating costs as well employee satisfaction issues. SCIP scores, length of stay , readmission and even mortality rates are proven to be adversely affected by sub-optimal glycemic management.

Our solution

Glytec offers a clinician directed computerized algorithm for effective, standardized glycemic management throughout the hospital. Glucommander Enterprise™ is an easy-to-use point of care technology. After years of development with over two million hours of patient data, Glytec provides a complete solution for managing all insulin requiring patients. Glytec's is the only platform with FDA clearance for intravenous, subcutaneous and pediatric insulin dosing. Our Glucommander™ platform is web/cloud-based and offered in a SaaS model, which means capital outlay is minimal and time-to-value rapid. Powerful analytics complete the offering, with charts, graphs and patient alerts to closely monitor patient-by-patient and/or area by area glycemic care performance and outcomes. Glucommander can be leveraged throughout the acute care setting-- and eventually into outpatient settings to improve clinical and financial outcomes across the continuum.

Glytec takes a consultative approach in developing a plan for improved glycemic management, employing physicians, nurses, and IT professionals that work directly with key members of your clinical, IT and quality staff to evaluate your current practice(s), assess your IT environment and clinical workflow.