Revolutionizing Glycemic Management

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Dramatic Improvements in Clinical and Financial Outcomes

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  • 86% Less Hypoglycemia

    Insulin is on the TOP 5 medication error list, with Hypoglycemia as a primary negative outcome. Compared with traditional paper protocols, the eGlycemic Management System has been able to reduce the incidence of hypoglycemia at hospitals by at least 86%.

  • 46% Less Hyperglycemia

    The American Diabetes Association (ADA) recommendations of blood glucose < 180 mg/dL while in the hospital is in place to help reduce hospital complications, improve clinical outcomes and reduce LOS. Glytec hospitals have been able to achieve 94% of glucose results in goal range.

  • 31% Fewer 30-Day Hospital Readmissions

    Published studies have shown elevated glucose is associated with increased hospital admissions. The eGlycemic Management System is proven to reduce hospital readmissions associated with poor glycemic control by as much as 31%.

  • 2.6 Lower A1C% Points in 3 Months

    Lowering a patient's A1C has been proven to reduce complications for both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes. Glucommander SubQ dose recommendations resulted in a average A1C reduction of 2.5 percentage points from a baseline of 10%.

  • 33% Reduction in POC Testing/Costs

    Use of the eGlycemic Management System to achieve optimal glycemic control quickly and safely has been associated with a 33% reduction in the number of point-of-care glucose tests, reducing POC testing cost and nursing time.

The only software system FDA cleared for both IV & SubQ insulin dosing recommendations.

Chart showing Pre-Glucommander, Glucommander IV, and Glucommander SubQ stages and how Glytec helps to get blood glucose levels in range

Glucommander APPs. GlyCloud, SmartClick EMR, GlucoMetric, GlucoSurveillance

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